WGSIgma Systems

WGSigma Systems is a small startup founded in 2013 that has developed a Big Data application server platform. This platform enables organisations to develop cognitive applications that can analyse data in real time. The applications operate using a NoSQL graph based topology that will increase the value of information from analysing real-time business data.

WGSigma Systems has developed a method to inject context in order to enrich the data and derive more information out of it. They have also developed the right infrastructure to be used by the applications to make the most of the enriched data using semantics. They combine different technologies including semantics, predictive analytics and graph storage to help enterprises leverage Big Data while saving them expenses, risk and time.

They have developed several solutions to address a wide variety of problems. It helps organisations optimize their customer care, prevent fraud in real time, discovering, reducing and solving risk in construction projects, optimize patient healthcare and deliver better offers to customers. By analysing the data, predicting what will happen, their products take the best action to achieve an optimal outcome.

WGSigma Systems is a very young Big Data Startup with only a few employees. They have a few customers and they management team has a rich experience in the Big Data sectors. Founder is Wai Wong, who reorganized his previous company, Summus Software, into Symphony Summit and WGSigma Systems in April 2013. EMA Radar named WGSigma Systems as winner of the Most Promising New Vendor award in Next Generation IT Management (NGITM) and a ‘Strong Value’ leader.

Although WGSigma Systems is very young, they have a lot of potential. Using cognitive applications to be able to analyse and make predictions in real time is extremely relevant for organisations. If they manage to expand the company in the coming years they have a lot of potential.


Website     http://www.wgsigmasystems.com/

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Head Office

2635 North 1st Street
San Jose
United States

Countries Supported

United States


Consumer goods, Healthcare, Oil and gas

Year Founded

April 2013




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