Frank Alfieri

Frank Alfieri is founder and creative director of The Data Mining Company. TDMC is a boutique consultancy for all things related to advanced analytics and digital transformation. The company is based on the premise that data is the future of everything. Coming from a family of brick and mortar retailers Frank has over 15 years experience in retail operations. He has also received diplomatic recognition for excellence in outstanding Personal, Academic, Social and Community achievements. Publications include in depth analyses of international markets, and also advanced reports on Airlines and Aviation. The Data Mining Company offers consultancy services for Small, Mid-market, and Corporate enterprise. The services include:

The Data Mining Company SOLUTIONS & SERVICES

| CXO - Suite Advisory / Facilitating the digital enterprise and algorithmic based opportunities
| IoT [Internet of Things] Value Creation Consultiing
| Master Data Management Strategy / Achieve Consistent Data for faster decisions
| Analytics & Reporting Integration / Business Metrics Visualised for fast Decision Turnaround
| Data Visualization Interface / Which software is optimal to increase your speed to insights ?
| CDP - Customer Data Platform Development / Aggregate Data Sources for a 360' view of your Customer
| Predictive Analytics / What Data Metrics do you need to Predict for your Business Strategy to Evolve ?

|Technology Integration Consulting / Which IT solution is best for your business ?
| Cloud Security Consulting / Where should your different data sources reside for speed and safety ?
| Social Media Communication Management / Meeting your customers where they want to communicate
| Connected Sensor Technology Modeling / How can the Internet of Things benefit your business ?
| Data Visualization Tools Consulting / Which reporting and visualization tool is right for your enterprise ?
| Information Compliance Monitoring & Audit / Integrating Legacy Data and Systems with new software

| eCommerce Strategy / Making your business evolve into the digital future
| Omnichannel Marketing / Give your customers a seamless experience across all channels
| Integrated Data Services / Using your internal and external data sources to drive your business forward
| Customer Segmentation / Who are your most profitable customers and where can you find them ?
| Inventory Optimization / What are your most profitable products and why ? Identify cross-sell and up-sell opps
| Software Integration / Business benefit through in store retail analytics, beacon technology, and geolocation
| Marketing Channel Metrics / The best medium[s] to reach your target audience ?


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