Get to your a-ha moment in seconds! Simularity’s mission is to bring the facility of prognosticative analytics to the lots. Our computer code helps folks produce intuitive, interpretable prognosticative analyses while not writing any code, wanting to grasp what algorithms to use, or requiring skilled data in statistics. The additional data you've got to base your analysis on, the additional correct your predictions, thus we have a tendency to seamlessly enrich and mix information from nearly any information supply, together with unstructured information, statistic information, and geo-spatial information. By ingesting and assortment information at up to 1,000,000 information points per second, and responding to analysis queries in precisely milliseconds, we offer the power to try and do interactive model building, analysis, and grading on streaming information combined with historical information. Simularity’s prognosticative Archetypes™ offer call manufacturers self-service, easy-to-understand prognosticative visualizations and analyses so they'll notice and see the patterns which will facilitate them dramatically remodel their world.



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