Querona mission is simplification of data management and empowerment of business users and data scientists in data management activities.

In our vision, all enterprise data should be accessible from a single place. Users should have freedom to choose between real-time and cached data. Data should be available for consumption from any client tool. Queries should be accelerated by Big Data engines and support in-memory processing.

A traditional solution for a single view of all data is an Enterprise Data Warehouse, but EDW maintenance lacks agility when new data sources must be included or data marts modified when new reports are requested.

Querona solves the limitations by using Data Virtualization to set up a Logical Data Warehouse (LDW). Technically Querona is byte-wire compatible with SQL Server, accepts T-SQL, translates queries and executes queries on ~100 types of data sources (relational, non-relational, CRMs, marketing platforms, no-SQL). As a result, all corporate data sources may be connected to Querona and will be visible as virtual databases on a simulated SQL Server instance. Querona supports a full Transact-SQL dialect and translate queries on the fly. From the user perspective, Querona will look like a data warehousing server with all data already loaded.

The data cleansing and presentation layers in a Querona LDW is realized by creating views that may combine data from multiple sources on the fly. Those views may be virtual data marts, could be cached in the cloud or on a bundled Apache Spark engine. 



Website     http://www.querona.com/


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KwitnÄ…cego Sadu

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