PromptCloud crawls the web for you to extract massive amounts of data in any desired format and delivers those results in a structured format at a frequency of choice. They are a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) provider that can crawl specific website to extract data from pre-defined sources or they can mass-crawl data in near real-time from thousands of blogs, news and social media websites. They can crawl and extract tons of data from various sources across multiple platforms and languages.

PromptCloud uses a variety of techniques including Nutch, Hadoop, Lucene, Cassandra/Hbase and machine-learning to extract data from blogs, social media, review websites, forums etc. They have specialized in incremental crawl, which means crawling regularly updated sources, as well as deep crawls, which means extracting data from the deepest of targeted websites. PromptCloud is a vertical agnostic offering that caters to a wide variety of industries among others the market research industry, e-commerce, social media monitoring, online classifieds ads etc.

All their offerings are complete with continuous source monitoring to guarantee that quality and reliability of the final output (XMl/CSV/XLS files) is maintained. In addition they also provide hosted indexing if needed on top of the final data to make it searchable for custom queries.

PromptCloud was founded in 2009 by Prashant Kumar, a former Yahoo engineer, and the team consists of among others Carnegie Mellon University alumni. Currently it is still self-funded and has no patents-pending. They did win several Indian awards, among others the Cloud Advantage Awards 2013 for Best In-house Innovation or the NASSCOM Emerge 50 award in 2012.

The web is growing at an exponential rate and for organisation to know what is happening on that web around their brand is becoming more and more important. PromptCloud has created a DaaS solution that helps organisations gain a better and structured overview about what’s happening.



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