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Big Data, Big Data Analytics


Business Consulting Services, Consumer goods, E-commerce, Financial Services, Gaming, Media and entertainment, Retail, Travel, leisure and hospitality


Large, Global Enterprise, Medium

Year founded:2011
Funding received:$ 65 million
Awards won:Big Data Finalist in the American Technology Awards


More information is created every day and the need to understand this data is growing with a lot of companies. Big data provides valuable opportunities to better understand your company. Until recently, business users would have to wait ages to get answers from their massive amount of data. Not anymore as there is Platfora.

Platfora creates clarity from big data. Platfora claims a much more affordable and faster way to turn raw data into meaningful and valuable information. It harnesses the potential of Hadoop so that any business can start using big data to explore, interact and derive insight from it.

Platfora is an intelligence application built on HTML5 and it is accessible from anywhere and on any device. With Platfora, analysts can drill deep into their big data set and extract meaning from it, without a complex solution. The objective of Platfora is to make it possible for everyday business users to interact, analyse and drive Hadoop in a meaningful and easy way.

With Platfora, user can start asking questions about data and have it visualized in a very small timeframe as each dataset can be queried straight from a Hadoop cluster, therefore avoiding time-consuming ETL processes. Users can collaborate and share their answers and visualizations with others.

The system also encourages non-analysts to start exploring data using an easy set of controls. In the end, Platfora is more for business users than for die-hard analysts, as the extensive visualizations make difficult data easily understandable.


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