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OpenLink Software is an acclaimed technology innovator and leading vendor of standards compliant technology covering database connectivity middleware, data integration, data management, distributed collaborative applications & frameworks (including social media), and identity management & privacy. 

Database Connectivity Middleware - Cross Platform, Secure, and High-Performance ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, and OLE-DB Drivers/Providers that provide access to all major relational database management systems. 

Data Integration - Our Virtuoso Universal Server enables conceptual integration of disparate and heterogeneously shaped data sources (including but not limited to ODBC/JDBC accessible database objects, web services, and a wide variety of document types). 

Data Management - Our Virtuoso Database engine is a high-performance and massively scalable hybrid RDBMS (SQL and SPARQL) for data represented as relational tables and/or RDF-based relational property graphs. 

Distributed Collaborative Applications & Frameworks - Our ODS Framework supports a collection of prebuilt applications (briefcase, calendar, address book, email, etc.) and APIs for powerful data access and integration using the familiar file create, save, and share pattern. 

Identity Management & Privacy - Our YouID apps for iOS and Android, alongside our Web hosted service for desktop and other users, provide a powerful verifiable identity solution that scales to the Web and Internet. 



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10 Burlington Mall Road Suite 265
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United Kingdom, United States


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