Applied Relevance has developed the product Epinomy, which is a semantic dashboard built specifically for MarkLogic to take full advantage of the semantic features within MarkLogic. Epinomy is all about tables, text and triples and it helps organisations to effectively search and retrieve all enterprise data. This can be unstructured data such as text documents, messages, emails, manuals and publications or structured data. Epinomy finds common links between the data using the semantic techniques available in MarkLogic 7, which was released in 2013.

The semantic search engine helps organisations create ontologies as well as auto-tag unstructured data with metadata. This enables fast and simple organising, tagging and classifying of the enterprise data. It was built from the ground up in order to take full advantage of the semantic features available in the latest MarkLogic product. The latest version of Epinomy, version 7, has been optimized for MarkLogic 7 and therefore offers vast scalability and performance and makes high-value enterprise documents easy to find.

Applied Relevance was founded in 2006 by George Everitt and is from origin a consulting firm that has a lot of experience in enterprise information management. Next to Epinomy they also deliver taxonomy and auto-tagging software available for Microsoft SharePoint. They have no patents (pending) and Epinomy has not yet won an award. Currently they are in public Beta with Epinomy, serving five customers from the Fortune 1000 and public sector. They mainly focus on Financial Services, Publishing, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Mining/Petrochemical and Public Sectors.

With today’s massive amounts of data flowing in and through organisations, the challenge is not so much storing the data but to organise it in such a way that it is easily findable and retrievable. Relational databases are not sufficient anymore and that is where the NoSQL database by MarkLogic comes in. Epinomy is an intelligent application layer on top of MarkLogic, which does not come cheap, but does offer a lot of possibilities.


Website     http://epinomy.com/

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Head Office

244 43rd Avenue
Saint Pete Beach
United States


Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Oil and gas, Public sector and governments, Publishing

Size of Customers

Large, Global Enterprise

Year Founded

November 2006


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