With big data comes High-Performance Computing requirements and more organisations will have to move towards an HPC-solution to deal with the vast amounts of data being created constantly. Organisations can turn to a completely self-service cloud-solution offering like Amazon Web Services or move to EngineRoom.io who offers, among others, a full-service HPC solution that can be deployed on premises and work as a private cloud. Their on-site deployments are complete solutions, including storage, compute, networking and application tuning services.

Next to a one-stop-shop HPC solution they offer also the analytics and visualizations required for managers to derive insights and revenue from their structured and unstructured data. After cleaning and anonymizing the data, they can analyse high-velocity streaming data and process the large datasets at scale.

EngineRoom.io has developed different products ranging from the infrastructure solution that combines a compute tier and storage tier into a single integrated appliance to a media insight platform for CMO’s to better understand their media spend and make better decisions. In addition they have created an analytics solutions to help recruiters assess potential big data employees.

EngineRoom.io was founded by Stefan Gillard, currently the Chief Mechanics, in March 2011. They have been cash flow positive since day 1 and are currently seeking a Series B investment. They focuses on delivering their Private Managed Big Data Pipeline IAAS Solutions within large Corporate Advisory practices / professional service firms and Financial Services Firms. In addition they focus on Media and Entertainment, Life Sciences (bioinformatics & medical image analysis), Financial Services, and Oil & Gas industries.

They offer a standardized solution that can be custom-made if required. They have two patents pending and in 2012 they were a finalist in the SAP Startup Forum Awards. EngineRoom.io offers a wide-range of services for various industries and they could help organisations that are looking for a completely managed solution.


Website     http://engineroom.io/

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Head Office

G.11 Graphix Row

Countries Supported



Construction, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media and entertainment, Oil and gas, Public sector and governments, Retail

Size of Customers

Large, Medium

Year Founded

March, 2011


Funding Received from Investors

$ 1.5 million



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