Datahero is all about visualizations; users can upload a dataset and the Datahero tool does the rest. Datahero will provide the user with fast and clear visualizations that can be interpreted correctly by everyone. Datahero allows users and companies to visualize and understand their data without having to worry about data formats and SQL queries.

It is the latest company who tries to make the analysis of big data as easy and understandable as possible. Datahero tries to do the same as Tableau Public but even simpler as the algorithms can create graphs out of the data themselves, without the user having to drag-and-drop the data into a canvas. This allows “the average user to become a hero” as stated by Founder Jeff Zabel.

For the more advanced users, Datahero has enough possibilities to create their own graphs and become more advanced in understanding and visualizing their data sets. As companies produce more data, we are moving to an era where big data will become extremely important in making the correct decisions.

However, massive data sets are difficult to understand and not everyone can become a big data expert. Dragging and dropping a CSV file with data into a browser can be done by everyone. Datahero will try to figure out how to analyse, interpret and visualize the data in the best way possible. It is as easy as that. Datahero is written entirely in Node.js and hosted on the Joyent Cloud. It uses the latest technologies to develop a service that can be used by everyone.



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Head Office

425 2nd Street
San Francisco, CA
United States

Countries Supported

United States


Consumer goods, E-commerce, Financial Services, Media and entertainment, Public sector and governments, Retail, Telecom, Transportation, Travel, leisure and hospitality


Subscription, Freemium

Year Founded

October, 2011


Funding Received from Investors

$ 4.2 million


Dave Kellogg, David G. Cohen, Foundry Group, Mayank Bawa, Mike Greenfield, Neu Venture Capital, Tasso Argyros

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