Lifecom organization is currently AkēLex.the setbacks in our current medicinal services framework must be tended to by concentrating on the proficiency, access, consistency, quality and estimation of the gave administrations themselves. The best long haul quality change and installment method is to improve mind conveyance systems. Accomplishing upgrades in productivity, access, consistency, quality and worth obliges a shift in accentuation from blocks and mortar prescription to a re-circulated model of mind that genuinely is revolved around the needs and novel qualities of the single person. The Individual is the Medical Home. The individual must have the capacity to get to learning, therapeutic records, indicative and administration apparatuses, assets and so forth., anyplace at whenever. He or she must have the capacity to get to clinicians and proper assets as required and consistently impart data to his or her mind group as a component of a wellbeing group. Yet accommodation, network and access to records is insufficient on the grounds that these are needy upon the information, inspiration and time accessible to people and clinicians. This obliges another sort of hardware to securely connect all these exercises together and help all the parts of the group settle on the best choices. A solitary device that earnestly serves the needs of people, forethought groups, doctors, and wellbeing frameworks. A device that can be conveyed by cell, web program, or work area top relying on the need. Akēlex (earlier Lifecom) has that apparatus. We call it the Distributed Analytics, Reasoning and Educational System; DARE


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Aequitas Capital, Chuck Kilo, Craig Froude, Oregon Health & Science University

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