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Datafloq is the one-stop-source for Big Data. Our vision is Connecting Data and People and we enable consumers and organisations to understand big data in order to improve their business. The objective of Datafloq is to deliver high-quality content related to (Big) Data, IoT or technology in general. Bloggers who want to be part of this platform can register here. We do have set some blogger guidelines however. As a blogger on Datafloq we expect you to:

Be Knowledgeable

The platform aims to deliver high-quality content only, related to Data and technology. Please do your research when writing a post. A good blog posts tends to be relatively long. At Datafloq we ask you to write blogs with a minimum of 500 words, which are well referenced and original.

Be Honest. Be Correct

If you are wrong, please correct as soon as possible. Use correct linking to articles that you used. Correct linking is vital and simply copy-pasting without giving credit is not accepted.

Blog Regularly

The more you blog, the more you gain the trust of the community. It is up-to-you how often you blog, but bloggers who blog regularly will receive more feedback, input and credibility.

Be Transparent

Explain your potential conflicts of interest on your profile. Make sure that any possible conflicts of interest are clear in your blog posts. Writing a blog post that you get paid for, in cash or other manner via a 3rd party, while not explicitly stating it in the blog post, is not allowed. Please let us know prior to posting such a post what the deal is about. 

Be Complete

When writing the blog post, please also enter a catchy title (max 70 characters), a meta title (max 140 characters) and meta tags. In addition, please complete your profile with personal Twitter and/or LinkedIn details, image and biography.

Be Patient

All blog posts will have to be approved by the Datafloq team. Sometimes this can take up to a few days. Please be patient. If we have questions we will get in touch with you.

Be Unique

Big Data is a new field of interest for many companies, organisations and societies around the world. There is so much new to discover. Plagiarism is not allowed and you will be banned if we find out.

Adhere to the Topics

Datafloq is all about (Big) Data, IoT and Technology. Please stick to this and do not submit other content as that will not be published.

Adhere to Our Link Policy

If possible, link to other blog posts on the platform. If necessary we can add them during the approval. There is no limit to the amount of links, but affiliate links are forbidden.

Become a Thought Leader and Be Personal

Focus on an area within the (Big) Data, IoT or technology field and become a thought leader within that area. It will give you more credibility. Link to your personal Twitter account and LinkedIn page, to become an expert in your field.

Be Clear and Understandable

(Big) Data, IoT or technology in general is sometimes difficult for others. The platform attracts anyone interested in these topics, also those with less specific  knowledge. If you use difficult descriptions, please explain when appropriate. The title should also be clear and understandable. Datafloq reserves the right to adjust titles to better attract visitors to the blog post.

No Commercial Posts

Commercial posts are not allowed. So please do not promote any product or service via a blog post. Of course, you can link to a certain company to explain a point or as a reference for a piece of content, but active promotion is not allowed. You can also include a link to your company website in your profile.

Respect Copyright

We value copyright above anything else. Don't copy text or sections from others without proper referencing. Any image used in your post have to be correctely credited to the original creator of that image. Images without credit will be removed. As an author on Datafloq, you are solely responsible for the images you use and you have to ensure that the images are credited correctly. Datafloq has the right to change an image if necessary.

Have Fun

Writing high-quality content that receives a lot attention is fun and rewarding. Don’t forget to have fun when writing your content.

If you have questions regarding the blogger guidelines, please contact us.  We are looking forward to receiving your blog posts on Datafloq.

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