The story of the journey -past, present and future- of your customers is in your numbers and it carries the answers to the big business questions. Our machine learning and visualization tools are designed to be the vehicle for this story. 

Your customers are more than data. They have personal tastes and unique motivations that drive their decisions and have a big impact on your business. We introduce you to them so you can meet their current needs and anticipate the future ones. 

Our technology empowers you to take the right decisions by collecting the customer knowledge that stems from your business and presenting it to you in a human-readable way. 

Rethinking Data Visualization 
Graphs, Intelligent Visualization Filters and Visual Community Grouping algorithms are changing Telco and Retail information delivery. Our patent pending rich graph visuals complement your natural ability to understand data visually. 

Insight discovery re-imagined 
Our new cognitive techniques generate aesthetically-pleasing data visualizations that become vibrant discovery tools when applied to your data. We have the tools to dig deep and unearth the big opportunities for your business. 


Website     http://wiseathena.com/

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Head Office

71 Stevenson Street
San Francisco
United States

Countries Supported



Retail, Telecom

Size of Customers

Global Enterprise

Year Founded

April, 2013




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