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Dr. JoMei Chang,
Year founded:June 2005
#Employees:148 employees
Awards won:Many awards including the 2012 Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award as well as the “DataWeek Business Intelligence Technology Top Innovator” Award.


Vitria Operational Intelligence provides continuous real-time visibility in big data, complex events, business processes, security issues and social media networks.  Continuous insights and the ability to take immediate action is becoming more and more relevant in the fast world we are living in.

The software developed by Vitria is elastically scalable and it can be deployed on premise or in the cloud. Vitria connects to real-time big data streams, big data tools like Hadoop, but also traditional databases and a wide range of enterprise applications, across organisations and silos. Results can be shown in pre-assembled live visual dashboards. If necessary the system can take automated measures based on the business process management software.

Customers come predominantly from the telecom industry, finance industry, energy industry, healthcare industry, communication industry and governments. The real-time visual dashboard that users receive is easy to work with and users can mash-up internal and external data for additional insights. By combining different data sets, users can obtain a 360-degrees real-time view of their customers.

Vitria also develops the award-winning KPI Builder OI App. This is application is especially configured for Key Performance Indicators. Business leaders receive continuous real-time insights in their most important KPI’s across the organisation. The application has won among others the 2012 Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award as well as the “DataWeek Business Intelligence Technology Top Innovator” Award. The application is simple to use and addresses the most prominent business questions managers have on a daily basis. The fact that it does not require


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