Sumit Pal

I have more than 20 years of experience in the Software Industry in various roles spanning companies from startups to enterprise organizations.

I have expansive experience in building scalable software systems across the stack from middletier, data layer, analytics and UI
using BigData, NoSQL, DB Internals, Data Warehousing, Dimensional Modeling, Data Science and Java / J2EE aspects of the technology.

Starting from being part of SQLServer Core Development Team at Redmond, Microsoft in 1996-97 and then as a Core Server Engineer for Oracle Corporation at their OLAP Development team. I have been a technology advocate across projects and have evangelized the right application of technologies and chartered technology roadmaps for

In my current role I am strategizing, managing, architecting and developing platform and solutions for big data platform to build analytic and machine learning applications for multiple verticals.

As Architect at previous companies - where I had designed and architected the middle tier core Analytics Platform with J2EE on which next generation software was built starting in 2006, with which the company has now achieved a 50% growth year to year in revenues.

I had the challenge and privilege to apply my ingenuity, talent, knowledge, perseverance and extreme motivation to solve 
some of the most pressing and demanding problems the company encountered. The problems spanned from Architecting in J2EE, Java Performance,
DW Design / Dimensional Modelling, DB Performance Optimization, ETL, 
Algorithm Tuning and Architecting the Platform and design the most effective deployment and operationally efficient system. 
I was awarded the 1st - Best Employee Award at Leapfrogrx in May 2009 for my contributions to the company.

I am extremely passionate about new technologies and make sure I keep myself abreast with technoloy changes in the industry.


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