Sameh Sharaf

From multi-international companies with 1,500+ employees to local start-ups with teams of 10-15 employees. With total of 6 years of workplace experience in software and data engineering, telecommunication, fintech and on-line entertainment, I became thoroughly experienced in technical and business-related knowledge of each industry.

With highly committed and motivated dependable troubleshooting and problem solving, high passion to work and sophisticated (and sometimes crazy) tasks, I could be best described as requirements-focused and action oriented, with performing confidently and effectively under pressure, and thriving on challenge with focusing on IT alignment with business objectives.

My objective is to obtain a position in a challenging environment as a software/data engineering related to business solutions, contributing to the company’s success and growth as well as being part of a talented and high-committed team. My data is my biggest passion since I started working so I can greatly assist the corporation moving to be data-driven.


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Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


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