Raj Nadipalli

Rajesh Nadipalli (Raj) is currently Director for Engineering Product Management for Zaloni, which has the leading platform for dataacquisition, preparation, metadata and extraction for a Hadoop Data Lake.  He has a proven track record as a Big Data Solutions Architect enabling fortune 100 clients evaluate and strategize Big Data Architecture.  Throughout his 19+ years in IT, Raj has had a passion for data and held various roles as:  Big Data architect, data governance, database administrator and Business Intelligence.  Raj believes in using technology as a strategic advantage for his clients by improving productivity, performance and real-time insight to relevant data.

Raj is also the author for HDInsight Essentials (ISBN: 9781784399429) which takes one through the journey of building a modern data lake architecture using HDInsight, a Hadoop-based service that allows you to successfully manage high volume and velocity data in Azure Cloud.


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