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Massive Database Building and Management  “Big Data”

The world’s largest travel companies, such American Express, Disney, The Travel Corporation and the mid-size companies such as Grand Circle all regard marketing as critical to PAX growth.  Within marketing, the most critical asset is customer and prospective traveler data.   The challenge has been building and operating marketing databases that contain millions of consumer records with hundreds of data elements about travel history, preferences, demographics, internet behavior, etc.

The industry Buzz Word for this is now “Big Data”.  We were one of the earliest pioneers of “Big Data” within the travel industry.  For each major client our company, Intelli-Global, constructed a database of all 320M consumers in the US, living in 110M households.  We provided over 500 consumer attributes, i.e. travel preferences and purchase behavior on each household in the United States.  We built the marketing strategies for C-level executives enabling them to accelerate PAX growth at the lowest CTA’s in the industry.  We created and managed marketing experts and PhD level statisticians and executed thousands of marketing campaigns.  Our analytic insight provided consumer travel preferences and competitive intelligence for C-level executives to make critical business decisions.  The value delivered to these executives was enabling them to increase marketing ROI from 300 percent to over 700 percent, at the same time reducing their Cost to Acquire (CTA) Travelers by over 50 percent.  Additionally, these analyses became the basis for web design, email, catalog and direct mail copy and creative.

These marketing capabilities enabled the travel industry to re-focus their marketing agencies and budgets to what the traveler and potential traveler wanted as their Value Proposition.  Travel executives now had the expertise that was only available to them from the largest, most costly agencies, where monthly retainers were over $200K.  They now had this expertise and marketing tools for less than $50K per month.

As an example, the decisions of:  marketing channels, budgets, offers, pricing, could be made across all Divisions, Programs, Options, On-board offers, Timing all at one time, ahead of the sales year.  Plans-to-Fill were optimized around NPC and ROI, also accounting for chartered versus owned vessels.


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