Nikhil Chandwani

The modern-day disorders in the world include identity crisis, depression, mid-career crisis before the start of the career and rebellious attitude over everything. Nikhil Chandwani, being a dropout himself, understood the problem from the scratch. Everyone is facing, some or the other problems, in his or her life, and that’s one thing in common for teens and adults alike. But, one more thing attracts striking similarity. 


“Everyone has a story to tell.”


Following this Mantra, Nikhil Chandwani took up social entrepreneurship through Writers’ Rescue Center by developing a one to one Gurukul System that mentors, pushes, teaches and helps everyone from Disabled to Dyslexia, to Mental Health Patients, To people with suicidal thoughts, to the people with homegrown ambitions, to the poor, the needy in writing and publishing their first book.


When you talk about the Writers’ Rescue Center—WRC works on healing people and giving them a voice by training the depressed, the suicidals, the differently abled, cancer survivors in the field of storytelling. They run a gurukul system where individuals irrespective of the age, caste, or problems, are provided with one to one mentorship. They help them grow confidence, they give them the required space and trust to open up about their issues, they push them a pen and a paper, and write their own life story. Once they’re emotionally equipped, they guide them in book writing. It takes anywhere between one month to 1 year for the individual to complete their manuscript. The book, once it is ready, is shared with numerous publishing units and now they've even started our own publishing house “WRC Publishers” as an imprint to Raindrop Publishers INC. Once the book is published, they market it for them and later they take students to public speaking platforms to voice their stories and inspire others. Nikhil Chandwani believes and I guess you will all agree; everyone has a story to tell. The best inspirational stories are the ones that come straight from the ruins of personal struggles.



Writers Rescue Center is successful in solving the crisis of more than 9300 teens and adults through one to one mentorship, proper guidance in fields of writing and helped them publish books, taking them to prominent stages for guest lectures. WRC has created numerous TEDx speakers, National Award Winners and published authors between the age of 16-72. Most of the students were considered failures in life, suicidal, depressed, frustrated, and introverted as there is no proper guidance in the fields of writing and social activism. Because we live in a selfish world, everyone must be effective and confident in tackling the worldly problem. For many generations, society was organized around a few people at the top telling everyone else to repeat their specialized skills faster and faster. Today, all of us have the means to lead and get big things done. This is causing the social change to explode in every direction. Following our age-old Gurukul system, WRC has recognized the new frame needed for existing and operating together in this radically different world drawn from insights. Writers are mentored by directly by Nikhil Chandwani and they are made to write their first book, the book is published by the Foundation, and later marketed. The writer is then taken to public speaking, slam poetry, and column writing fields and proper career is carved for writers. People often talk about startup mentorship, but creative human mentorship is missing in the modern world. There is no proper job module available for writers, and they often end up switching profession. We are trying to save them by taking them to achieve their dreams.


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