Nadezhda Nenkova-Aslan

WIGeoGIS offers over 20 years of experience and expertise in the development of geocoding software and in the provision of geocoding services. Our geocoding solutions are used both on a project basis by small companies or IT service providers and by globally active company groups who require reliable results and accuracy reports, data security and licensing transparency.

Addresses supplemented with geocoordinates can be used, evaluated and verified in a multitude of ways in addition to basic visualisation of addresses and potentials. Geocoded address data represents the basis for sales, expansion and marketing measures in combination with other company key figures, market and consumer data such as socio-demography, purchasing power, frequency data and other datasets from the broad geodata palette on offer.

Geocoding is a WIGeoGIS core competence. We have been developing geocoding software for over 2 decades. The application fields are very diverse, while customer requirements are very individual:

  • Worldwide geocoding for risk modelling for insurances
  • Localisation of large address lists, e.g. bank customers
  • Identification of crime hotspots for police
  • Cleaning and geocoding of extensive address lists, e.g. customer retention programmes in the retail trade
  • Creation of reference databases from various data sources

Today WIGeoGIS has offices in Vienna (Austria) and Munich (Germany). More than 400 customers benefit from our services, products and solutions in over 50 countries worldwide.



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