Mindster Apps

Mindster is the emerging ace in the realm ofmobile app development in India. Our mobile based applications are already holding the gaze of the businesses and public alike. Your need is our inspiration, your idea our core foundation and when it blends with our creativity and mastery, then a Mindster App is born.


Mindster Overview :

Mindster is an internationally acclaimed  web application and mobile app solution provider. Mindster is well known for its creative and innovative solutions in United States, United Kingdom, UAE, India.


At Mindster the customer is at the heart of the process, their needs guide our teams to bring the most unique content in every sphere of activity.


We provide valuable services in the following domains :

  1. Mobile App Development

  2. Ui/UX Design

  3. YII2 Development

  4. Drupal Development

  5. Opencart Development

  6. Magneto Development

We have the best programmers and designers from India to pilot our projects.


At Mindster value meets expectations. Our young and vibrant team is always up for challenges.


So far Mindster has offered enduring solutions in:

  1. E-Commerce

  2. Taxi dispatching

  3. Grocery delivering

  4. Payment wallets

  5. Classifieds

  6. Doctor appointment software and much more


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