Michal Fracek

We are a group of data science consultants for whom data tells a story. This approach translates into an end-to-end process where we provide value at each step. On one end, we deliver automatized data acquisition and business validation. This flows into model creation which is the crucial part. In the end, we deliver beautiful and responsive Shiny dashboards as stakeholders need a way of interacting and understanding data. Some of the industries we work with include but are not limited to FinanceHealthcareLogisticsRetail and Real Estate.

Appsilon delivers the most advanced R Shiny apps, data science consulting services and support with R Shiny and Python Dash technologies. We have impressive experience in machine learning in image recognition and predictive analytics for enterprise. If you have a difficult problem that requires strong analytical skills or think that your data is being underutilized, then we’re the right people!


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