Michael Sherman

Michael Sherman is currently a Senior Consultant at SunGard Consulting Services. As a technology consultant he focuses on analytics, big data, knowledge discovery, visualization, and business intelligence. His articles are his personal views and not those of SunGard.

Prior to SunGard, Mike spent time in South Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer, teaching 10th grade mathematics and managing educational IT projects. His professional background includes work in healthcare, marketing, software, and scientific research, unified by a common interest in using technology to help people solve problems and live happier lives. He holds a Masters of Science in Business Analytics from the University of Texas at Austin.

Mike is also an experienced writer. He holds a BS in Communications from Northwestern University, where his studies focused on playwriting, and has had his work performed internationally. You can follow Mike on Twitter @michaelwsherman or find him on the web at www.michaelwsherman.com.


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