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Our Methods team is comprised of data scientists with advanced degrees in quantitative fields from top research universities, meaning we have the technical competence and ability to communicate complicated topics to lay audiences in a succinct manner. Whether we are working with big data, survey data, or seeking patterns in petabytes of unstructured text, we know what to do. Our methods have helped non-profits demonstrate that they are making a difference in their community, identified predictive signals in the rapid movements of the stock market, recovered taxpayer dollars for the federal government otherwise lost to fraud, and improved the internal administrative processes within a medium-sized business.  We excel at translating the highly technical world of data science into everyday language to provide C-suite executives with actionable business intelligence.

With expertise in data programming and the development of statistical and machine-learning approaches we can address all of your company’s data analytic needs. Our team can program in any type of statistical software and has vast knowledge of the most popular platform databases used by businesses. Our programming toolkit includes - but is not limited to - neural networks, vector support machines, classification trees, logistic regression, cluster analysis, time series analysis, and text analytics.  Having the capability to program in many different languages (R, Python, Matlab, SQL Server, SAS) allows us to easily navigate proprietary software - including SAP.

We provide our clients with tools and web applications that are easy to use and interpret after our service contract ends. These applications save you time and money by automating complicated analytics tasks that output easy-to-understand recommendations. Our applications have been used to track business processes in real time using process control charts and statistical methods for identifying outliers, and visually track the real time performance of employees.

We take care of the back-end so that you never have to think about the algorithms underlying the analysis.  You ask a question, our applications give the answer.

Methods excels at reducing costly errors in your predictive modeling by employing our highly experienced data scientists to optimize your analytics work flow. We have extensive experience working in SAP, and are familiar with its comprehensive design. Similar to using Amazon Web Services to employ Big Data applications when information is stored in Amazon's S3 architecture, the Hana and BDA modules apply predictive modeling to data within the SAP system.  Machine learning and statistical models are the same regardless of platform. Methods excels in taking the output from any system and translating it into something that is easy to understand.

We will work with you to improve your predictions of demand and better optimize supply by having our data scientists check data quality and verify the correct algorithm for your predictive modeling.

If you show us your data, we will show you a cost-effective solution.


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