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Fuzzy Logix is a software developing company specializing in in-database analytics that achieve 10-100x faster results than traditional analytics solutions. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Fuzzy Logix has been providing high-performance analytics solutions for Big Data since 2007. Over the years the company has expanded, now with three offices in the United States, as well as offices in the United Kingdom and India.

In 2007 two ex-Bank of America colleagues - Partha Sen and Mike Upchurch – formed Fuzzy Logix. With a combined passion for solving problems with quantitative methods, data mining and pattern recognition, and a foresight of how businesses would increasingly collect information and need to achieve actionable insight from this data, they created a business that transformed data analytics. By performing the analytics directly where the data resides and eliminating the need to move it, in-database analytics was created.

Products & Services
Fuzzy Logix has been developing analytics products since 2007, when it launched the world’s first in-data analytics solution, DB Lytix. This software – along with the company’s other products: Fin Lytix, AdapteR, Saral, as well as a wide range of services — has been increasing clients’ gains in performance and profitability since it was launched. Fuzzy Logix prides itself on making its products simple to deploy and use, as well as fast; typically, 10x to 100x faster than other analytics products. The company aims to deliver a rich suite of advanced analytics and predictive algorithms to solve problems specific to a certain company and/or industry in order to provide a competitive advantage at an affordable cost.

Fuzzy Logix works with clients from many industries: healthcare and pharmaceuticals, banking and finance, retail and ecommerce, telco and communications, manufacturing and OED to name a few. We provide analytics solutions and services for small start-ups to long-established global organizations, providing the company with a wealth of experience and learning. And since Fuzzy Logix can custom-build models alongside its ready-to-use products, the company can create tailored solutions for the biggest, most complex challenges faced by data and analytics departments today. 

More about our solution in a 3 min video: https://vimeo.com/159805752  



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