Deepak Pareek

Deepak Pareek is a highly respected and sought-after technology strategist, with various successful social and business enterprises to his credit. He has created various path breaking organizations and pioneered various innovative initiatives to solve problems faced by businesses and society, with creative use of cutting edge technology and unconventional business models. He is a successful business professional with extensive exposure to multiple sectors, segments and markets on one hand while is an expert entrepreneur with various successful ventures in social sector on the other Deepak is a Social Technopreneur with extensive exposure of using technology for social advantages. He has intense passion for technology and exceptional commitment towards identifying solutions for key problems faced by society in globalized world. While he has consistently worked on various projects of social importance, he has keen interest in Education, Environment and Empowerment. He believes these “3Es” are Keys to Sustainable Inclusive Social and Economic Development.

Specialties: International Trade, Business Development, Organisational Strategy, Technology Application, Opportunity Identification, Deal Execution (M&A, JV, Partnerships), Start-Up, Private Equity, Venture Funding, Technology.


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Ahmedabad, India


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