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Rulex Inc. offers the first-ever cognitive machine learning platform for the enterprise and the Internet of Things. The Rulex® platform eliminates the programming and math skills, speculative data exploration, and iterative experimental modeling required by conventional machine learning algorithms, dramatically accelerating, simplifying, and lowering the cost of Data Science.

Rulex’s unique Logic Learning Machine software is based on groundbreaking academic and government research, and has been proven in business and IoT applications in Retail, Telecom, Healthcare, and Financial Services, and other industries. The Rulex LLM is different from other machine learning algorithms.  It automatically discovers the most important source data and automatically creates the most efficient predictive models, in the form of fully transparent if-then logic rules, rather than “black box” mathematical functions.  These rules can therefore be easily understood and audited by business and data analysts, and efficiently implemented on low-power processors near the network edge by IoT solution developers.

Rulex is the ideal solution for Data Monetization – your data, other people’s data, or IoT data.  It audits everything, keeps private data private, build understandable models, and enables efficient, distributed “thin scoring” at the edge of the network.

•   Extract more value from data assets with less regulatory and business risk

•   Simplify, accelerate, and lower the cost of creating and delivering products/services

•   Create new high value data and analytics products not possible with other tools

If you searching for a solution to Data Monetization challenges, Rulex may be the answer. Please visit our web site,, or just drop an email to to find out more about how Rulex can help you.


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