Aletha Tavares

AlgoAnalytics generates AI powered products. We work at an intersection of mathematics and other domains: mainly BFSI, Legal and Healthcare.

We deal with structured and unstructured data including images, text, and sound data to derive insight from data. We employ classical machine learning and deep learning techniques to build our products. Some of them include Convolutional Neural Networks for image analytics and Recurrent Neural Networks (LSTMs and GRUs) for modelling sequential data. We make use of cutting edge research in AI such as Generative Adversarial Networks for unsupervised representation using large dataset, and attention based Memory Networks for designing neural networks with memory. We also understand Reinforcement Learning which is concerned with actions taken by software agents for maximizing the reward through semi-supervised learning.

The team is led by founder/CEO Dr. Aniruddha Pant, PhD (Berkeley) with 20+ years of industry experience and supported by data scientists as well as senior domain experts.


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Pune, India


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