Trifacta tries to solve the biggest problem of big data that awaits us in the coming years: the shortage of big data scientists and big data managers. They are not trying to do that by creating an education platform, but to build a system that makes big data easy to manipulate and rearrange so that there is not need for expensive big data scientists anymore in order to start with big data.

Trifacta was founded in 2012 by a professor in the Human-Computer Interaction research group at Stanford University, Jeffrey Heer, together with Sean Kandel and Joe Hellerstein who happens to be a professor of Computer Science at Berkeley. Together they want to rethink interfaces, systems and algorithms in order to make an intuitive, powerful and useful solution to analyse and manipulate data.

One of the problems Trifacta is addressing is called “Data Munging” or “Data wrangling”. Wikipedia defines it as “the process of converting or mapping data from one ‘raw’ form into another format that allows for more convenient consumption of the data”. The problem with data munging is that is becomes harder as it scales bigger. The real problem starts when people will have to start working with such data. Therefore, Trifacta combines machine-learning with human-computer interaction. This allows for an intuitive and intelligent solution that is easy to understand as no more writing of code will be required to format big data problems. This will definitely increase productivity and make big data more accessible.

It intends to not only make the processing of data easier, but also the development of the correct queries and code. Trifacta will allow users different visualization options and options to extract a data set. After a preview is approved, Trifacta will do the rest. It can be built across multiple platforms, from extensive Hadoop clusters to a common well-known relational database. It looks very smart, cutting out the data scientist for the process of data wrangling, and when it does work they have something valuable at hand.



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Head Office

575 Market Street
San Francisco, CA
United States

Countries Supported

United States


Aerospace, E-commerce, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Technology



Size of Customers

Large, Global Enterprise, Medium

Year Founded

January 2012


Funding Received from Investors

$ 41.3 Million


Accel Partners, Anand Rajaraman, Data Collective, Greylock Partners, Ignition Partners, Venky Harinarayan, XSeed Capital

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