Tranzlogic wants to change the way credit cards are being used by merchants. It offers companies that accept credit cards for transactions additional insights in to the transaction data. Consumer patterns such as demographic, geographic, psychographic and economic attributes will help organisations better understand customers and approach their customers. Tranzlogic does not deliver their product directly to organisations accepting credit card payments, but instead offers their product to Payment Service Providers (ISOs) that can use it to improve the ISO-merchant relationship.

Tranzlogic wants to empower both the ISOs (Independent Sales Organisations) and the SMB’s to grow revenue and improve their business with better insights. The dashboard of Tranzlogic enables SMB’s to better track their customers and be able to approach them more targeted. Tranzlogic makes it therefore possible for stores to use the customer insight to create targeted marketing strategies and deliver personalized messages to customers, thereby increasing the conversion rate. More and more big data startups of course offer such services, but Tranzlogic uses data that normally would go unused, an interesting approach.

The focus of Tranzlogic on ISOs helps them as well to achieve a broad reach with less effort, as the ISOs can build a white-label platform of the Tranzlogic technology. As such, it has shifted its sales channel to ISOs instead of the need to approach individual merchants. For ISOs Tranzlogic offers additional advantages as they can offer added value to their merchants and increase earnings on their portfolio. It is a win-win-win situation.



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Head Office

4165 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd.
Westlake Village
United States

Countries Supported

United States


Retail, Social media / marketing, Travel, leisure and hospitality

Year Founded

October, 2011


Funding Received from Investors

$ 2.5 million


CKC Holdings, Power Anderson Group, SJ Investment Company

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