Synerscope is a Dutch big data startup that focuses on making big data visible for everyone. It is based on academic research done by Synerscope’s Chief Scientist Danny Holten at the University of Eindhoven.

The visual analytics-based solution directly leverages the human visual system (the brain's visual cortex) and its excellent pattern recognition abilities. This makes it easy to read and understand massive amounts of relational data (up to 1.000 times more at once than existing tools), although it does take a few hours and some training to understand the visual interface.

The reason being is that the visuals are completely interactive. The system is not rule-based, but instead uses the ability of the human brain to analyse by allowing to drill-down into the data going back in time and focussing on individual cases within the data. The colour and thickness of the threats shown within the rings allow users to easily recognize patterns and discover abnormalities.

The software is especially useful for detecting insurance, banking or e-commerce fraud and forensic accounting as it allows carrying out detailed analysis of the abnormalities that are found. It can find links among different data points such as who or what is communicating with whom and at what moment and from which location, combined with a bunch of other variables. The visuals are attractive and well-built and at the moment there are not many other tools available in the market that can show so many data in one visual.

Although it needs quite some power to perform the rendering to build the visuals from the data, commodity hardware with a good visual graphics card is sufficient. They also have commercial remote-rendering solutions available through NVIDIA-based GRID solutions.

Synerscope is at the moment one-of-a-kind and it focuses on a multi-billion industry: preventing fraud in the financial sector. In October they closed a deal with Dutch insurance company Delta Lloyd, who estimates the cost of insurance fraud in The Netherlands alone at € 1 billion. Since they launched in March 2011 they have helped several large organisation to better understand their data and in 2011 they ended in the top 10 of contestants in the SWIFT Innotribe challenge. They have two patents (pending) regarding the advanced rendering solution as well as the analytics and we believe there is a bright future for organisations that have the ability to visualize massive amounts of data in one easy to understand graphic.



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Head Office

Innovation Lab, Horsten 1
The Netherlands

Countries Supported

The Netherlands, United States


Financial Services, Healthcare

Size of Customers

Large, Small, Medium

Year Founded

March, 2011


Funding Received from Investors

$3.3 Million


5 Park Lane, Paul Buyink, Spitzcool

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