SumAll is a business intelligence tool currently focussed on the Small and Medium Enterprises to give them the insight required to make better decision. Their objective is to provide these companies with access to the data that is hidden behind API’s or stored in silos and to create a complete overview of how the company is doing regarding revenue, customer metrics, trend analysis and product metrics. It provides real-time data monitoring and users can set goals to better monitor their performance.


SumAll helps SME’s understand their actions and see if what they are doing is the right thing. It helps them answer a variety of questions including: Are my SEM campaigns and SEO efforts working and converting into revenue? Or How much time am I spending online and what am I doing with that time? Currently the service is offered for free, while they are thinking of a paid version in the future.

It is capable of answering such questions as it combines a wide variety of data sources, including Twitter, Google Analtyics, PayPal, Mailchimp or Basecamp. Currently it provides access to 28 different tools and combines that data into a dashboard to provide the insight SME’s require. Currently it provides 60.000 customers from over 30 countries valuable insights. It tracks nearly $ 4 billion in commerce data, while still being in beta.

SumAll was founded in 2011 by Dane Atkinson, a former CEO of SquareSpace and they have since then received $ 13 million in funding from Battery Ventures, General Catalyst, Matrix Partners and Wellington Partners. In 2013 they acquired German social media monitoring company TwentyFeet in a move to expand its analytics offering to key European markets. In 2013 they were named 9th in the 10 Top Big Data Startups to Watch by CIO.



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Head Office

247 Centre St
New York, NY
United States




Subscription, Freemium

Size of Customers

Small, Medium

Year Founded

May 6, 2011


Funding Received from Investors

$ 13.5 million


Battery Ventures, General Catalyst, Matrix Partners, Wellington Partners

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