Stillwater Supercomputing

Stillwater Supercomputing is a company that was started to “create the 'brains' for autonomous intelligent systems”. They have developed a hardware-accelerated server, which connects to Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) instruments. This enables them to create a high-productivity workflow for the health industry allowing genetics and drug discovery and ultimately personalized healthcare research and deployment.

They have created two components that together form the Stillwater Knowledge Processing Platform and that offers an intelligent system for mobility and the cloud. It aims to build a unified underlying hardware platform for different applications in order to execute machine-learning applications as efficient as possible. Their hardware uses a different execution model than CPU or GPU. Instead they use intelligent system algorithms that are aligned with VLSI technology to create a powerful but low-power system, which they call Knowledge Processing Units (KPU). This combination enable SME’s to also start using high-performance computing and develop new products or complex collaborative systems.

Stillwater Supercomputing currently has customers in industries such as Government, Military, Internet Infrastructure, Data center infrastructure and Academic R&D. They sell their KPU directly to cloud providers and Independent Hardware Vendors. They have created a Platform-as-a-Service model, where Stillwater Supercomputing develops the required software components that can be easily turned into applications by their customers.

Stillwater Supercomputing was founded in 2007 by Dr. Theodore Omtzigt, a former engineer and architect at NVIDIA and Intel, in order to develop a new high-productivity platform for business analytics. They have several patents on their product but not yet won any awards.

Supercomputing is becoming more and more important for organisations as the amount of  (raw) data used in analytics is growing rapidly. Making powerful supercomputing available for SME’s could enable SME’s to develop new products and create better insights. This could significantly impact the bottom-line of those companies.



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Head Office

3941 Park Drive
El Dorado Hills
United States

Countries Supported

Germany, United States


Education and research, Public sector and governments, Technology


One-time license

Size of Customers

Global Enterprise

Year Founded

March 21, 2007


Funding Received from Investors

$ 250 thousand


Michael B. Smith, Terrie St. Clair, Theodore Omtzigt

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