The technology that SpaceCurve is developing, can discover underlying patterns in multidimensional geodata. Geodata is different data than normal data as mobile devices create new data really fast and not in a way traditional databases are used to. Therefore, a new technology is necessary to deliver users a familiar database experience on geodata.

SpaceCurve’s algorithm can index geospatial polygon data in real-time using internet-scale compute clusters as well as analyse social and semantic graphs on very large parallel systems. The platform provides real-time insight in complex contextual and ad hoc relationships. This is possible by “continuously capturing, processing and analysing geospatial, temporal, sensor network, social graph and other large data streams” as stated on their website. This pattern-based approach allows it to scale vast and efficient within large, distributed, multidimensional data.

Their technology looks really promising and in 2012 the raised a total of $ 6.2 million in venture capital bringing the total funding to $ 7.3 million. At the moment, they are talking to a Fortune 50 company to join their beta group and more companies are willing to join already. They would have to wait however, as there is a waiting list at the moment.

Theoretically, their technology should allow anyone who can collect location data from any sort of (mobile) device to analyse it and transform the data into knowledge that can be used for decision-making within a company.

With the Internet of Things, more data will be created everyday and with more devices becoming mobile devices and spitting out location-based data it will become increasingly difficult to extract meaning out of this vast amount of data; data that can be very useful though for companies.



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$16.3 Million


Divergent Ventures, Musea Ventures, Reed Elsevier Ventures, Triage Ventures

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