Socialbakers is one of the world's biggest social promoting & dissection suites, with in excess of 2,700 customers in 100 nations - including 50% of the Global Fortune 500. Notwithstanding offering one of the biggest databases of free online networking detail and bits of knowledge on the planet, we give easy to use online networking results that permit brands to measure, look at, and streamline their social fights with aggressive insights that is second to none. With the main investigation stage that gives worldwide industry benchmarking and nearby classification in online networking, Socialbakers is the most flexible, complete administration of its kind. Facebook has granted Socialbakers 3 Preferred Marketing Developer identifications in distinguishment of its capacities. Since 2008, Socialbakers has developed from a little office in Pilsen, Czech Republic, to a worldwide substance with about 400 workers of 32 nationalities, working in 14 work places over the globe. Our designers have put in about 400,000 hours of item advancement to verify that Socialbakers items are continually moving forward. Brilliant social promoting starts with Socialbakers.



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Head Office

153 Townsend St.
San Francisco
United States

Countries Supported

United States


Social media / marketing

Size of Customers


Year Founded

October 13, 2008


Funding Received from Investors

$34 Million


Earlybird Venture Capital, Index Ventures

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