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Advertising, Automotive, Consumer goods, Education and research, Financial Services, Healthcare, Media and entertainment, Public sector and governments, Publishing, Retail, Telecom, Travel, leisure and hospitality


Large, Global Enterprise, Medium

Year founded:March 2008
Funding received: $ 76.7 million (Went Public on Sep 20, 2013)
#Employees:970 employees
Awards won:Several including The 2013 Sequoia Award for Outstanding Business


Launched in 2008, Rocket Fuel uses artificial intelligence to improve advertising for companies. They are the fastest growing advertising technology company in Silicon Valley and were recently named # 4 company in Forbes’ Most Promising Companies in America. With Rocket Fuel customers from around the world can optimize digital campaigns such as online bannering, videos, mobile campaigns or social campaigns, without the need to sit behind the computer all day.

Rocket Fuel buys media on behalf of marketers and agencies and uses their own, patented, algorithms to improve the buy’s efficiency. In total, Rocket Fuel processes over 1.5 billion of ad displays on a daily basis. All ads are constantly tweaked across a large set of variables (such as behaviour, context, geography, demographics, and more) to improve their targeting.

Rocket Fuel’s technology reaches the most desirable audience, those who are interested in the ad and are most likely to click on it and lead to a conversion, through several analyses. As George John describes in a blog post written for Venturebeat: “The rocket science involved in doing this well is a combination of a number of components such as predictive modelling, adaptive control, and portfolio optimization.” These technologies, including artificial intelligence, are used to determine the best placement for a display ad. It either buys impressions on an ad exchange, or directly from online publishers.

Online ads are perishable products. They only appear the moment a user appears on a website and the opportunity is lost after a second when an


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