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Predictive analytics are becoming more important as they are the most valuable analysis within big data as they help predict what someone is likely to buy, visit, do or how someone will behave in the (near) future. It uses a variety of different data sets such as historical, transactional, social or customer profile data to identify risks and opportunities. Recorded Future is a big data startup, which was founded in 2009, that focuses solely on the art of predictive analytics.

They have developed linguistic and statistical algorithms that can extract information from temporal signals on the web. They scan tens of thousands different websites ranging from high-quality news publications, public niche sources, government websites, blogs, financial databases etc to identify references to entities, such as people, groups or locations, and events in the future. The algorithms can detect different time periods when the events will occur and deliver that information to the user, including sentiment analysis on the topic.

They claim to unlock the predictive power of the web with the world’s first temporal analytics engine. They work for Fortune 500 companies, advances financial institutions and government agencies from around the world. These organisations use Recorded Future as a Software-as-a-Service or developers can tap into the API that they have developed. This API gives access to the index for analysis of online media flow that spans blogs and Twitter to mainstream news to government filings all collected in real time from public sources around the world.

Recorded Future is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, an has offices in Göteborg, Sweden and Arlington, VA. In 2009 it was founded by Erik Wistrand, Staffan Truvé and Christopher Ahlberg. Since then it has received over $ 20 million in funding from Google Ventures, IA Ventures, In-Q-Tel, Atlas Venture and Balderton Capital.

Recorded Future takes a very interesting approach to big data and to give organisations the predictive insights that help them make better decisions. Co-founder Christopher Ahlberg was named among the World's Top 100 Young Innovators by MIT Technology Review and received the TR100 award in 2002. He also has been granted two software patents, and has multiple patents pending.



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Head Office

1430 Massachusetts Ave
United States

Countries Supported

Sweden, United States


Financial Services, Public sector and governments, Technology

Size of Customers

Small, Medium

Year Founded



Funding Received from Investors

$ 32.9 Million


Atlas Venture, Balderton Capital, Google Ventures, IA Ventures, In-Q-Tel

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