6 Ways IoT will Revolutionize Your Business

02:25 PM CET - March 11, 2019
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Technology continues to revolutionise the business world, and IoT is an excellent example of simple programs making a pivotal difference in business performance. Items connected to the internet can be used to gather data, automate tedious processes, and fulfil many other needs traditionally ignored. Here, we’ll examine some of the IoT benefits available to businesses now.

1. Improved Vehicle Safety

IoT brings a lot of key benefits that business vehicles need. IoT can monitor the systems of each car and send detailed reports of component performance. In addition, company vehicles receive smart driving assistance through both automatic processes and real-time data feedback. Cars are programmed to detect nearby obstacles and employ accident avoidance to prevent crashes. IoT helps business owners know exactly what’s going on with their business vehicle fleet and makes sure that employees are safe.

2. Greater Customer Convenience

In a world where customers are crucial to businesses, IoT helps businesses retain customers and ensure their comfort. Devices can be used to communicate location and help businesses predict a heavy influx of customers. IoT also allows goods they purchase to alert customers of errors or defects themselves and some items such as washing machines, dishwashers, and similar household products can call in and request a replacement part or maintenance independently, thereby reducing stress to the customer and increase satisfaction.

3. Cut Cleaning Costs

Cleaning has always been a necessary evil. Small businesses usually clean on their own, larger businesses hire a team of custodians. IoT not only helps businesses clean without all the human labor through devices such as floor robots and other inventions that automate simple tasks. IoT can predict that something will break before it does and determine wear on specific components, eliminating the possibility of something breaking on a customer or at an inconvenient time.

4. Utilize Smarter Printing

Printers are often a big problem in the office, but many businesses can’t live without them. Printers break, run out of ink and toner, or disconnect. IoT anticipates these problems and prevents them. You should utilize print server management features in your IoT printer which increases document uploading speed which increases office productivity. IoT also provides insight into how expensive printing is at your business by collecting and organizing relevant data on ink usage and print jobs. You can use this data to cut costs on unnecessary printing which will also reduce your company’s environmental impact.

5. Manage Energy

Significant amounts of power and energy are wasted by businesses every year. It’s easy to lose track of exactly what your businesses’ resources are doing at all hours of a given day. No employer wants to follow employees around and remind them to turn off the tap or the lights during the day. IoT can do all of these things for you. By using monitors and data collection, IoT is aware of which lights in your business are turned one and can turn them off on a schedule. If you know that no one should be in the office after 7, set your IoT to turn lights off exactly at 7:01. If you want to know how much water customers use at the sink as opposed to how much water the sink provides, attach an IoT device.

6. Instantaneous Data Mining

Again, one of the best benefits that IoT provides is information. Just like a smartwatch can track your heart rate or sleep patterns, IoT can track the heartbeat of your business. Devices can collect and interpret information in real-time and recommend appropriate responses. Whether you need information on clients, employees, or the facility, IoT can know it all so long as you find the appropriate devices and maintain them. Prevent the difficulty of having to hire someone to track all your business processes for you.

IoT will only improve from here. As IoT collects and interprets more information, more and more devices will be available to consumers, and those devices will respond to a wider variety of business needs. With reduced costs and improved efficiency, IoT is the smartest option for modern businesses.

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