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Palantir delivers a big data technology to improve crisis response. They have built software that helps organisations make sense of incongruent data when it is needed the most; in times of crisis. Palantir solves the technical problems that arise when massive amounts of unstructured data need to be analysed to improve decision-making in times when decisions are needed fast. Palantir prides itself to go beyond traditional data mining and surfacing data as information so that in the end the human brain can make the final decision and not the algorithm.

Palantir has developed a wide range of products for a variety of industries, but the common denominator among these products is that the algorithms of Palantir can discover patterns within large disparate old and new datasets (including data from legacy systems) and use those patterns to identify similar cases and provide insight. These analyses are delivered and visualized in a dashboard that helps organisation to sift through data easily. Analysts can create new rules around complex attributes or behaviour that were found in the analysis and use those rules to improve the quality of analysis.

The majority of the products of Palantir focus on cyber fraud, financial trading, counterterrorism, disease tracking or other crisis related issues, but their products range from Intelligence related to Home lending or Healthcare delivery solution. Their products are used in the following industries:

  • Government: Intelligence, Defence, Law Enforcement & Accountability;
  • Commercial: Cyber, Legal Intelligence, Home Lending, Capital Markets & Anti-Fraud;
  • Health: Pharma, Insurance Analytics, Healthcare Delivery &Disease Response.

The core mission of Palantir is to make the world a better place and they do this by making raw data understandable when it is needed the most for any organisations. Palantir takes this one step further as they have created a philanthropic engineering team. These full-time engineers work on hard pro bono problems and Palantir delivers a total solution pro bono, like it does for paying customers. A remarkable philosophy in a world were everything is related to a high ROI, but therefore very much worth mentioning.



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Head Office

100 Hamilton Ave
Palo Alto
United States

Countries Supported

Australia, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States


Aerospace, Financial Services, Healthcare, Legal, Public sector and governments

Size of Customers

Global Enterprise

Year Founded



Funding Received from Investors

$ 1.4 billion


137 Ventures, Founders Fund

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