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Big Data, Data integration


Financial Services, Technology, Telecom


Global Enterprise

Year founded:January 1, 2006
Awards won:Pipeline Innovation Award 2013, GTB Innovation Award 2012, Pipeline Innovation Award 2012, Gartner Cool Vendor 2010, GTB Innovation Award 2010, TM Forum Innovation Award 2010, Stratecast 2010 'Rat Pack', IET Innovation Award 2009


Ontology claims to be to applications what Google was to the web. Instead of integrating the many different enterprise applications within an organisation to obtain, for example, a 360 degrees view of customers, Ontology enables users to search a schematic model of all data within the applications. They extract relevant data from a source application, such as a CRM system, big data applications, files, warranty documents etc. These extracted semantics are linked into a search graph instead of a schema to give users the results needed.

Ontology gives users a different approach in using enterprise applications, removing the need to integrate the different applications. It allows users to search and link applications, databases, files, spreadsheets, etc. anywhere. The product of Ontology is very interesting because in the past years a vast amount of enterprise applications for various needs and with various requirements have been developed and used by organisations. Integrating these applications to obtain a company-wide integrated view is difficult, expensive and often not without risks.

On their website, Ontology refers to a research by Bloor that found that 84% of data migration projects ran over time, over budget, or both. While an integrated view of the entire company is extremely valuable, a lot of organisations don’t want to take these risks. Obtaining an integrated view through search is something new and could help a lot of organisations.

The name of the company, Ontology, is carefully chosen as it means the study of the categories of things that exist or may


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