We help companies win in the digital age by building a data driven organization. We do so by delivering data strategy consulting, implementing the data science process (D2B, data-to-business) and staffing data experts.

We focus on organization, people and technology: not how technology may replace people, but how people and digital technology together can deliver better products and services! We help our customers become a data driven company ("monetize your data") by implementing the data science process: customers → data → information → insights → decisions → products → business (→ customers).

Our strength lies in bringing together the world of data 'geeks' and the world of business managers. Yes, we love to wear a hoodie, jeans and sneakers discussing R, Python, Matlab, GitHub, Hadoop or Tableau. And yes, we feel perfectly comfortable in a business suit developing data driven business models, big data & predictive use cases, ROI and cash flow projections, agile product development and implementation strategies with board members of our clients.

So yes, we are a digital consulting firm. But for us digital is not a goal in itself. It is a means to achieve better business performance. Organizational issues such as strategy, change capability and ways of working are as important as digital technologies and digital skills.


Website     http://okdelta.com


Head Office

Boompjes 40
The Netherlands

Countries Supported

Belgium, The Netherlands


Business Consulting Services

Size of Customers

Large, Small, Medium

Year Founded


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