OblakSoft concentrates on advances that improve appropriation of distributed computing. OblakSoftt offers ClouSE – an engineering that permits distributed storage to be "connected to" MySQL in a consistent and secure way. ClouSE is the Cloud Storage Engine for MySQL that can use distributed storage, for example, Amazon S3 to store social and blob information. ClouSE gives completely useful, transactional and ACID-agreeable social information administration on top of distributed storage. Key focal points of ClouSE include: It gives transactional (ACID) sureties to the clients, with transactions offering confer, rollback, and accident recuperation abilities to ensure client information It permits using distributed storage to store client information It backs on-the-fly encryption of client information to ensure its full secrecy in the cloud It backings immediate access to blob content (a.k.a. weblobs) to empower scaling out substance conveyance of huge information objects (e.g. pictures, films) It underpins open, private and half and half cloud setups Planned and advanced for distributed storage from ground up ClouSE utilizes inevitable consistency administration, packing and storing systems to smooth out distributed storage appropriation knocks, for example, non-strict information consistency, high-dormancy stockpiling access, and higher stockpiling access disappointment rate because of system disappointments. As a transactional stockpiling motor for MySQLl ClouSE opens distributed storage to SQL engineers and SQL-based applications and decreases the need to retrain designers and modify applications to utilize new information preparing standards, therefore bringing down the boundary for distributed storage adoption.


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