Nube Technologies

Nube helps with Identity resolution in business data through deduplication. Identity Resolution is an operational intelligence processes required by banks, financial institutions and insurance verticals in order to discover risks, frauds, and conflicts of interest. Identity Resolution and record linkage is important for companies to run an effective credit checks for screening, meeting regulatory compliance requirements and enhancing customer cross sell. Entity Resolution is also critical in telecommunications, ecommerce and other verticals dealing with big data from a variety sources, many of which may be duplicates in terms of products, consumer, catalogs etc. Nube mixes machine learning with big data technologies to match customer and other business data, ensuring absolute data quality. Their scalable algorithms learn from existing data, and help identify records which refer to the same entity.



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Head Office

Ananda, Sector 48

Countries Supported



E-commerce, Financial Services, Telecom

Year Founded

July 28, 2010

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