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System Innovations Limited is the sole licensor of licensed innovation identifying with the Universal Network Architecture. Bearers, administration suppliers and endeavors have a long rundown of prerequisites for their cutting edge systems. Existing system architectures put one or a greater amount of these criteria in clash, making tradeoffs and making it difficult to fulfill all these criteria in a solitary system. System Innovations Limited is currently offering licenses for its licensed Universal Network Architecture™. Una™ (claimed like the Spanish for ‘one’) is a structural planning for systems that beat different systems in expense, natural effect, venture security, help for new administrations, productivity, nature of administration, adaptability, unwavering quality and security. Systems of Una™ frameworks are called Universal Networks™. General Networks™ convey these profits by fusing a half breed of circuit exchanging and multiprotocol bundle exchanging that can give either sort of exchanging on interest thus is capable convey the best of both planets. For vast transporters, expenses spared by executing Una™ could rushed to tens or countless dollars. All inclusive Networks™ likewise help predominant virtual systems, making Networks-as an issue (Naas) a convincing stage for offering oversaw and outsourced systems. Una™ can be executed in an extensive variety of supplies and gadgets, including switches, switches, motherboards, Nics, telephones, gaming comforts. Widespread Networks™ of numerous sorts and scales can be constructed: optical, electrical, wireline, remote, national, metro, undertaking, server farm brought together fabric, MAN, WAN, LAN, even interconnect or



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Head Office

4950 West Prospect Road
Fort Lauderdale
United States

Countries Supported

Canada, Singapore, The Netherlands



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Year Founded

July, 2004




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