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{m}brace is a product schema for creating enormous information calculations that will execute on a private or open cloud. It is like Hadoop in usefulness yet its principle distinction is that it is not bound to the guide diminish programming ideal model. {m}brace is dealing with all things that need to do with errand organization and information stream between machine hubs, permitting the client to arrangement just with the calculation that he needs to execute. It might be used in different business and exploration divisions like Stock market and fund. Additionally, it modified works the underlying cloud foundation which implies that any code created utilizing {m}brace can either run on a private or an open cloud that is backed. {m}brace is additionally giving the {m}brace shell where somebody can dive into REPL style programming which empowers quick code prototyping in a cloud scale. Also it empowers you to screen your machine hubs, convey new code and land data about the positions that are at present executing.



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December 13, 2001




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