Metamarkets analyses things like Tweets, payments and check-ins to give companies an answer to important questions they have while operating their online business. Knowing why users cancel subscriptions or how they move through a platform can make a difference in being successful or not.

Metamarkets offers a packaged Software-as-a-Service application that allows users to create an account, upload data and start analysing. It is a scalable service as it grows with the data volume growing. The objective of Metamarkets is to help businesses understand the vast amounts of data and their visual analytics tool can be used without extensive statistics knowledge.

The platform processes, queries and visualizes high volume and high frequency event streams such as payments and users can discover suitable insights in this data. Part of the solution of Metamarkets is the open-source real-time streaming data store component called Druid. This is a distributed in-memory columnar database and it delivers dynamic and interactive user experiences across billions of records in no time.

The fast response rate is possible because Metamarkets allows event data to be streamed and uploaded and at the same time performing aggregations and calculations on the fly. A lot of companies working with big data use Hadoop. Unfortunately, Hadoop does not support real-time data queries.

Therefore Metamarkets uses a specialized version of Hadoop for parallel processing. It also added a custom build in-memory database with predictive modelling capabilities. This means it can help companies determine the top content from e.g. the past few hours for a certain demographic across a large data set.

Metamarkets’ mission is to democratize data science by delivering powerful analytics that are easy and intuitive for everyone. It enables an increase in revenue, improved user engagement, and the ability to avoid errors. These aspects can make a difference within a company and its ability to deliver to the needs of the customer. The big data phenomenon allows business to better understand their company. With Metamarkets it will be possible to understand real-time what customers want while deriving information from massive events data.



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Head Office

625 2nd Street
San Francisco
United States

Countries Supported

United States


Market research, Publishing, Social media / marketing

Size of Customers


Year Founded

May, 2010


Funding Received from Investors

$28.5 Million


Anthemis Group, AOL Ventures, Founder Collective, IA Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Neu Venture Capital, Peter Hershberg, True Ventures, Village Ventures

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