If operations metrics are important to you, Librato is a big data startup that should have your attention. They offer a cloud-based service for DevOps, developers and operations teams that enables them to analyse and visualize important metrics and be actively alerted when necessary. Librato combines all monitoring data together in one environment, helping DevOps detect problems earlier in order to minimize any impact and find and solve the root cause.

Librato is especially relevant for Software-as-a-Service or Platform-as-a-Service providers who require a uniform environment to detect unforeseen events in real-time. This means that DevOps will be able to monitor all aspects of the operation that can alert them to potential service degradations. Librato enables them to visualize the metrics in graphs, create dashboards and perform root-cause analysis. Next to SaaS or PaaS providers, Librato can help any company that is involved in the Internet of Things, where sensors generate vast amounts of data and metrics that need to be monitored.

Librato has created accessible RESTful API’s, which allows users to basically send all of their data easily to Librato and start monitoring quickly. In addition, users can use Librato’s library of open source collection agents to collect data and they support dozens of language bindings and command lines so that Librato can handle every kind and any amount of data.

Joe Ruscio and Fred van den Bosch, founded Librato in June 2011. Since then it managed to secure $ 5 million in funding from Baseline Ventures, Harrison Metal and Cowboy Ventures. They mainly operate in the following industries: SaaS, PaaS, Mobile, Marketing, Education, Social Networks and Sensor Networks.

Librato has not yet won any awards but they do have several published patents. Librato focuses on an important area within big data and with the growing need for SaaS or PaaS providers as well as the Internet of Things or the Industrial Internet heading our way, Librato has enough opportunity to grow in the coming years.



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Head Office

605 Market Street
San Francisco, CA
United States

Countries Supported

United States


Education and research, Social media / marketing, Technology


Free Trial, Pay-per-Use

Size of Customers

Large, Medium

Year Founded

June 2011


Funding Received from Investors

$ 5.1 million


Baseline Ventures, Cowboy Ventures, Harrison Metal

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