JustLikeAPI is an advanced data crawling / data scraping API service enabling IT companies (providing review aggregation services to their clients) to perform actions on technically most complicated sites (usually review sites and social networks).

justLikeAPI‘s effective API enables you to access, monitor, analyze and respond to reviews, or other data related to user accounts – across dozens of sites from a single place.

JustLikeAPI is especially good when it comes to monitoring bot-aware websites displaying desired information only after user login takes place. You can easily access the content on websites while avoiding IP bans, CAPTCHAs and other methods of blocking non-human Web traffic via JustLikeAPI.

To learn more about what justLikeAPI can do for your business, please contact us at system@justlikeapi.io


Website     https://www.justlikeapi.io/


Head Office

Ulofa Palmea 6b

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Subscription, Free Trial

Size of Customers

Large, Global Enterprise, Small, Medium

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