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GetTheData is the home of four open datasets, Open Postcode GeoOpen PubsOpen Flood Risk by Postcode, and Open Units.

Open Postcode Geo

Open Postcode Geo is an open dataset and API consisting of UK postcodes with additional fields optimised for geospace applications, including easting, northing, latitude, longitude, postcode area, postcode district, postcode sector, outcode and incode.

Open Pubs

Open Pubs contains UK pub names, addresses, positions and local authority, as open data.

Open Flood Risk by Postcode

Open Flood Risk by Postcode links the Environment Agency's data regarding areas at risk of flooding from rivers and sea, with English postcodes within those areas. The dataset allows you to look up the flood risk from an English postcode.

Open Units

Open Units contains the number of units of alcohol in over 1,000 branded alcoholic drinks in standard servings, for example, one pint of draught Heineken, or one 330ml bottle of Leffe Blonde.






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