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Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning


Automotive, Electronics, Retail, Telecom


Large, Global Enterprise, Small, Medium

Year founded:2011
Funding received: $ 2.4 million
#Employees:12 employees
Awards won:Multiple Awards


Expect Labs is the creator of the MindMeld app, which is intelligent assistant understands conversations and finds information you need before you have to search for it. This is called anticipatory computing and means observing the past few minutes of a though process to be able to predict the next 10 seconds.  Such algorithms can be found in Google Now and is also developed by Expect labs. The MindMeld app is positioned as an intelligent assistant and the API that they also developed offers an advanced developer platform and cloud-based service to power a new generation of anticipatory computing applications.

The API allows developers to incorporate contextually driven search results and recommendations into any app or platform. This means that developers can deliver better search results because the API takes into account the context of the user on your platform. This would mean that anything that a visitor did on your platform and taking into account where the user is (in the car or at work for example) influences the search results. It provides answers without having to type a search query.

The MindMeld app, which is available in the iTunes Appstore that can be used to easily search and discover content using just voice and touch. As you talk, MindMeld listens, understands, and automatically finds relevant content from social graph or across the web.

Expect Labs was founded in 2011 by Tim Tuttle, a serial entrepreneur with a PhD from MIT. They have several patents and won quite a few


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